6 Benefits of Writing A Thank You Letter To The Interviewer

As the Thanksgiving season is approaching, we thought it was a nice time to highlight the importance of writing a thank you letter to the interviewer!

Picture this – You are an HR, working your fingers to the bone, to make sure that you hire the best candidates for your company. Now, who would you hire, a person who’s arrogant or an individual who is courteous?

There you have your answer! The courteous one, right?

So, as an interviewer, you would like your employee to be respectful and courteous, so what is stopping you from being such an interviewee? It will only open more opportunities for you, won’t it?

However, there is so much more that you can avail by simply writing a gratitude note to your HR. Read on as we have tipped over some tea regarding the benefits you can get by sending a thank you e-mail to your interviewers.

Grab your reading glasses and read on!

5 Benefits Of Writing A Thank You Letter To The Hiring Manager

Demonstrates Common Courtesy And Respect

Who does not like a person who has good manners? News Flash – everyone likes courteous people. So, by sending a thank you letter you will indirectly demonstrate your manners and courtesy to your interviewer. Furthermore, it also serves as an indication that you are most likely to treat your colleagues and clients with the same manners and respect in the future.

Don’t know how to write a letter of gratitude? Well, don’t lose your sleep over it and hire any thankyou letter writing service to tailor a perfect note on your behalf.

Strengthens Your Network

Writing a thank you email also provides you with an opportunity to engage with people you meet during the interview, or in the office as well. So, try looking them up on LinkedIn and send them a connect request. By doing so, you will keep in touch with these experts, and chances are some might advocate in your favour. Use this opportunity to strengthen your network and build healthy relationships with people who work in your industry. Seek guidance from them and we are sure you will go a long way by following this advice!

 Showcase Your Enthusiasm For The Role

Imagine you aced your interview and cannot wait to hear back from your hiring manager. But how can you follow up, without giving the impression of being too annoying or desperate? Well, this is where the thank you letter comes to the rescue.

This letter displays your enthusiasm and interest in working with the company. Make sure to send it within 24 hours of giving the interview. Another thing to bear in mind is to keep your tone respectful and professional. Fingers crossed, and we are sure that you are going to do very well!

 Gives You An Opportunity To Display Your Skills

Has this ever happened to you that due to the anxiety of the interview, you forgot to bring up your strong points while talking to your recruiter? Well, you are not the only person who has gone through this! So, by writing these notes, you can easily highlight the qualifications that you forgot to bring up during the interview.

Just make sure to not begin exaggerating your skills, but rather look if there is any way to seamlessly incorporate your qualification into your letter of gratitude.

 Provides Opportunity To Overcome Objections

How many times has this happened when during your interview, your interviewer expressed a concern to hire you? Well, now is the right time to address their concerns head-on in your thank you letter. Let them know that you have the potential to demonstrate whatever it takes.

Moreover, you can also restate your experience and skills that directly resolve the concerns that they had. However, the key is to not write a novel, but rather keep your note short and sweet. A quick tip? To make yourself look more professional, we suggest you do not write your CV on your own.

Instead, hire any online resume writing services US to do your work on your behalf to make your resume look more professional. By having an expertly written CV and by sending a gratitude letter, your chances of getting hired by the organization will no doubt skyrocket!

 Makes You Stand Out

Sending a thank you note is a great way to make yourself visible, however, a lot of candidates just skip this part altogether. By sending personalized gratitude emails to your interviewers, you will enable them to talk or think about you. Thus, your thank you letter will make you stand out from the competition.

So, if you are scared of the competition, then sending a letter of gratitude after your interview will lower your competition a lot because a lot of candidates don’t bother writing it. And, we don’t understand why!

  • Is it important to write a thank you letter to the interviewer?

Yes, it is very crucial to write a thank you letter to your interviewer. It makes you stand out from the crowd and let them know that you are enthusiastic about the position. Moreover, it also makes you appear courteous and worthy of giving a shot.

  • Is it good to write a thank you note after the interview?

Definitely, it is! However, a lot of people do not spend much time writing a letter of gratitude to their interviewers, shocking, right? Sending a thank you letter really makes all the difference to the hiring managers, and might even speed up your hiring process a bit.

  • When should I thank an interviewer?

We think that it is best to send a letter of gratitude within 24 hours after giving the interview. Make sure to send it during office hours to make more impact. Trust us, it won’t take more than 10 minutes to write a thank you note, but it surely goes a long way.

  • Do recruiters reply to thank you letters?

Even though it is not typical to receive a response to a letter of gratitude, if your interview went really well, chances are your recruiter will reply to your thank you letter. So, if you do get a reply back, take it as a good omen. And if your interviewer expresses positive feedback in the reply, it is even better.

Summing It All Up

All in all, no matter how well you performed during your interview, writing a thank you letter is a must if you are really interested in the job opening. By now, we are sure that you must be familiar with all of the major benefits you can get only by writing a short gratitude email to your interviewers. And, if you are not good with words, you don’t even have to write it by yourself. Instead, sit back and relax and ask any thank you letter service providers to do this job on your behalf.


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