6 Steps To Write A Compelling Marketing Research Report

There is nothing more embarrassing for a marketing student than conducting research only to hear their professor say “Your report does not address the business questions that we need answers for; do it again”. Ouch!

Only if you have been in those shoes, but hey! You haven’t. So, you can mark yourself free from this heartbreaking experience that plays havoc with all the effort and time that you invested in researching. What is that so?

Yes, it can happen only if you know the steps to write a compelling marketing research report that will make your professor bounce off the walls. And we are here to make sure that it pans out perfectly!

This is why we have written this blog to help our fellow marketing peers not feel the shame of having their research reports rejected and avoid seeing their efforts go in vain! Oh, the pain!

Read below to get acquainted with the right steps to tailor the perfect marketing research report for yourself.

Ace Your Marketing Research Report With These Steps

Define Your Objectives And Audience

To start a marketing research report, you must have a crystal clear idea of who you are writing for and what you want to achieve. Once you cluster all the information, you will have a manageable set of objectives and audience. These will further guide you to your content choice, style, tone, as well as format.

For instance, if your objective is to determine customer satisfaction, you will use quotes and graphs to illustrate your points and focus on the qualitative data. Furthermore, if your audience is a team of senior officers, then using concise and formal language to highlight action points and key recommendations will be your best bet. Got it?

However, if it is still beyond your ken to cluster this data efficiently, then worry not, you can always seek any online Marketing Assignment Help UK to get your work done easily.

Organize Your Structure And Layout

Make sure your marketing research report has a proper structure and layout to make it easy to understand and readable. For this, you have to create a skeleton of your marketing report to see which information goes where. A typical research report includes:

  • Executive Summary: This part of your report must focus on providing a brief overview of your insights, main findings, as well as recommendations.
  • Introduction: In this part, explain your target audience. Moreover, you must also shed light on the problem that you are trying to find a solution for.
  • Detailed Body: The body of your report should be divided into 2 parts. Each of these parts is further elaborated on below:
  • Background Methodology: In this part, you must make your reader understand why you chose the methodology that you used, how you conducted your research, and what was involved in conducting the research properly.
  • Results: Next up, you must include the results of your research. They can be either qualitative or quantitative. Your results must answer the questions that you posed in the beginning.
  • Concise Conclusion: Keep your conclusion concise and include the results you have analyzed.

Present Your Data And Analysis

You must present your data and analysis in a way that is compelling and clear. There are a lot of tools and methods that you can use to interpret and display your data. These include infographics, tables, diagrams, as well as charts.

To support your claims, do not shy away from using inferential and descriptive statistics, including correlation, mean, mode, median, regression, and standard deviation. Just keep in mind to not overload your marketing report with a lot of technical jargon. Instead, it is wiser to remain focused on the most meaningful and relevant information for your audience and objectives.

Provide Insights And Recommendations

Based on your data and analysis, you must provide insights and recommendations in your marketing research report. Explain what your conclusions mean for the business and what challenges and opportunities they bring. Moreover, you must also explain the actions you think will be best to gain advantages from your findings.

It is wiser to give grounds for your recommendations with logic and evidence and address any assumptions or limitations of your research. Furthermore, use a persuasive and confident tone, but be honest and realistic about the uncertainties as well as risks that might be involved.

If you think you cannot follow these steps accurately, then we would suggest you not waste your time and hire any online Finance Assignment writing service. These service providers will ensure to provide you with the best marketing research report in no time.

Edit And Proofread Your Report

Before you submit your marketing research report, carefully proofread it and edit whatever needs to be edited. By doing so, you will ensure its professionalism, clarity, as well as accuracy. Maintain a hawk’s eye to rule out any formatting errors, punctuation, or grammar mistakes and correct them.

You must review your research report for any gaps, redundancies, or inconsistencies and revise them accordingly. Moreover, use consistent and clear formatting style i.e. MLA, Chicago, APA, etc.

Get Feedback And Approval

Now that you are almost done with your research report do not be fleet of foot to submit it to your professor just now! Instead, get approval from stakeholders. It is wiser to get feedback from trusted sources and incorporate them wherever necessary. And voila! You are all done to submit your marketing research report to your professor. Moreover, do not forget to add relevant references to your report.

  • What to include in a research report?

A marketing research report must include:

  1. Title page
  2. Abstract
  3. Introduction
  4. Methods
  5. Results
  6. Discussion
  7. Reference section
  8. Figures and Tables or Appendix or Appendices section
  • What makes a research report good?

The factors that make your research report good include the use of proper language, selectiveness, simplicity, accuracy, objectivity, comprehensiveness, cost considerations, and preciseness. Make sure to use clear and concise sentences and avoid any unnecessary jargon.

  • What sections to include in a marketing research report?

A typical marketing research report consists of 4 sections. i.e.:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Introduction
  3. Main Body
  4. Conclusion
  • What are the 6 steps in the marketing research report?

The 6 steps in the marketing research report include:

  1. Defining The Problem
  2. Developing a Research Plan
  3. Gathering Information
  4. Analyzing Data
  5. Developing Strategy
  6. Taking Action

In A Nutshell:

If you have reached here, then we are happy to announce that you now know all the steps that are required to write a gripping marketing report that will make your grades skyrocket. So, make sure to follow the above-given steps accurately, and we assure you that you will pass this subject with flying colours.

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