How to Buy a Toll-Free Number: Steps and Best Practices

Buy a Toll-Free Number: Steps and Best Practices

Many companies today think toll-free numbers are useful for brand awareness and allow potential customers a means to contact your business for free from various countries. It helps whether your company is running an advertising effort or really wants a toll-free number. Contrary to myths, obtaining a toll-free number for a business is actually rather simple. You can purchase a catchy number from various toll free number provider in India that also give you the choice to add an 800 before the number. Read on to learn how to obtain a toll-free number in a few easy steps.

Find a service provider and compare pricing.

First, you should be aware that you have two major choices: purchase a toll-free number separately or obtain it as a component of a unified messaging or VoIP phone system platform.

Business phone service providers often provide a variety of price packages with minimum payments every month and maximum allowances for minutes. For services that offer numbers starting in 800, companies could charge you based on the number of minutes.

Your company can use a unified communications platform, which functions like an upgraded phone system. From a stunning desktop or mobile software, you can perform a variety of tasks, including phone calls, video conferencing, SMS/MMS and instant messaging, among others.

Choose the prefix for your number.

Once you’ve selected a service provider, you can select your company’s phone number prefix. The phone number you had in mind may have already been reserved by a company in your field since toll-free numbers are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Read the following tips when selecting the right prefix for your company:

Since 800 numbers are the most common, if you can’t get one, look into alternatives like the 888 or 833 prefixes.

In the event that the desired toll-free number has already been taken, try different spellings.

Create an account and assign the number to your customer service domain. 

Once you’ve selected the provider of your service and toll-free number prefix, all that’s left to do is select a price plan depending on your company’s requirements and create an account. After that, all that remains is to give the toll-free number to a particular agent or call group.

Best practices for buying a toll-free number:

Here are the best practices for buying a toll-free number for your company:

See if it is memorable.

Nothing compares to dialing a number off the top of your head or recognizing a business based solely on its logo or phone number. Customers should remember your toll-free number if you want it to be effective.

The last thing you need is a difficult number that customers will find hard, and that is guaranteed to annoy them. Many telecommunications companies will offer phone numbers with recognizable digits so you can easily get one.

The majority of toll-free lines begin the same way, with a free code like 800, 888, or 866. Choosing a straightforward number will help with memorization and increase the likelihood of producing leads.

Business representation through your toll-free number

A toll-free number may be a very effective marketing tool as well as a technique to enhance consumer connection. Additionally, it aids in the accurate representation of the company via the keywords that are used.

Pricing and affordability

You should look for a reputable supplier or reseller who offers toll-free numbers at reasonable costs. Independent agents and marketing companies also offer toll-free numbers. To obtain a sustainable package, you must take into account the pricing, packages, and the cost of the number.

The right service provider

Finding the right toll-free number provider is another crucial factor that you should remember. Your company can get toll-free numbers from a variety of sources. However, your company should choose one with trustworthy policies, and customer service is the best action to take.

Customer reviews

The reviews left by customers of any business very much reveal the level of service the toll-free number company offers. Before making a final choice on toll-free numbers, it is advisable to do some research on the toll-free number service provider.

Final thoughts

Finding a good toll-free number provider is the first step if you’re planning to purchase a toll-free number for your company for the first time. So do your research and buy toll free number that satisfies all your company needs.

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