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One of the most crucial aspects of our daily life is the bedroom. We all seek a cozy environment to relax in when we get home from a long day, which is why we desire our bedroom to be that place for us. Selecting the ideal bed can take a lot of time. Through online purchasing, you can now order beds from the convenience of our homes. Wooden Sole offers a wide range of designer bed collections. Get your dream bed at an affordable bed price in Mumbai.

Explore Our Rich Collection of Wooden Beds and Designs:

  • Wooden cots in Bangalore:Sheesham and teak are two common heavy, strong kinds of wood used only to make solid wood cots. They are well known for their durability and ability to support a great deal of weight. Additionally, hardwood cots with open sideboards and baseboards showcase the lovely wood texture and deep color of the material.
  • Double beds: A double bed is the most essential component of today’s bedrooms because it serves many functions and comes in a variety of configurations. Wooden Sole has a large selection of double beds and double bed price Mumbai for you, starting from a basic double bed to one that is properly equipped and versatile.
  • Queen size beds: Invest in a queen bed from Wooden Sole to treat your bedroom like a paradise. If you’re looking to purchase a queen-size bed, look no further because our selection will fulfill even your most stringent requirements!
  • King size beds: With a king-size bed with storage, you can maintain organization while making the best use of your available space and reducing clutter. A king-sized bed often costs a pretty penny, but with Wooden Sole, you can now browse our selection of beds online and get the best deal at a price that works for you.
  • Single beds: Because there are so many storage choices with a wooden single bed and single bed price in Mumbai, there are many options for smart housekeeping. To keep the remainder of your living area tidy, you can add sliding drawers, baseboards with hinges, storage in the headboard, and more.

Choose Your Latest Designer Bed and Furniture Online Only at Wooden Sole!

  • Online furniture store: You have come to the right site if you’re seeking sofa come bed price in Mumbai or steel sofa come bed price in Mumbai. You can purchase furniture that complements the style and size of your room with our online furniture buying selection. Our reasonably priced furniture is created with maximum strength and beautiful looks in mind.
  • Buy furniture online Jaipur: Furniture gives a house charm and character. It may produce the exact style one wants and specifies the purpose of each room. Wooden Sole  provides detailed details of the high-quality materials utilized for each piece, whether you are looking for a bed in Mumbai or beds onlineMumbai, so purchasing furniture online from us is more satisfying.
  • Sheesham wood furniture: Wooden Sole recognizes that the two primary pillars of every firm are product quality and affordability, thus we work to put the best of both worlds together under one roof. We have a large range of Customized furniture strong, classic, and simple to combine with your decor due to our regular Custom furniture designs.
  • Wooden furniture online: Indian furniture has originally been primarily made of wood. You can be confident that wooden furniture will be simple to maintain whether you purchase it online or in person. Simple maintenance for wooden furniture includes routine dusting and prompt clean-up of spills. Your wooden furniture will survive longer if you take good care of it.
  • Platform beds: A platform bed is indeed a great option for smaller houses when you are very concerned about sleep quality because these looks beautiful in a house even when you are limited by space.
  • Poster beds: The ultimate luxurious beds are four-poster beds. A four-poster bed is the epitome of elegance, royalty, and luxury. One of the main reasons a four poster seems so regal is that it is larger than a typical bed.


What is the Price of King Size beds in Mumbai?


The normal king bed can cost up to Rs 81785 depending on how rich a bed you decide to buy is. There are, however, more reasonable options available for around Rs41157 for buyers on a restricted budget who wish to pay a little less.


How much does a queen-size bed cost In Mumbai?


Prices range from $15,000 for a wood fiber (MDF) queen-size bed with storage space that has a laminated finish to just over $45,000 for a model with highly polished solid wood.


What is the Price of Poster beds in Mumbai?


Usually, a four-poster king-size bed stat with 46,989 Rs.


What is the Price of Single beds in Mumbai?


In the market, there are a variety of beds. You should create a list of your bed and furniture budget before buying a bed. The typical price range for wooden single beds is between Rs. 7599 and Rs. 17599.

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