Aeromexico Name Change: A Closer Look at the Policy

With the straightforward Aeromexico name change/correction policy, travelers can hassle-free modify the name on their flight tickets. The airline’s flexible name change rules help flyers correct spelling mistakes or change their name because of legal compulsions. This blog will examine the Aeromexico name change policy, the restrictions you must comply with before requesting a name change/correction, and more.

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Aeromexico Name Change v/s Name Correction 

The name correction or change request is subject to the change cost and should fulfill the following criteria:

Aeromexico Airlines Name Change Rules  Aeromexico Airlines Name Correction Rules 
Travelers can request name change up to 24 hours before the departure. One can’t change their name after departure. Aeromexico must operate and market the flight. The codeshare or interline network partners should not handle the flight segments.
The airline limits the ownership of the flight ticket to other travelers. Flight ticket should be purchased about 48 hours before the departure.
Legal or official name change is subject to the penalty and the applicable fare difference. You must provide supporting documentation, like marriage certificate, divorce agreement, or legal affidavit. You can request name correction for unused flight segments.
After taking the outbound flight, passengers can’t change the passenger’s name. The flight reservation should be via the credit/debit card.
After completing the check-in procedure, you can’t request a name change. Passengers can’t request name correction for the unaccompanied minors, or the bookings that include promotional and discounted fare.
Per the name change policy, travelers can rectify or edit about three letters in the first or last name. According to the Aeromexico name correction policy, you can correct only one name of four letters or less to the first, middle, or last name.

Aeromexico Name Change or Correction Request Types 

The airline considers the following criteria under the Aeromexico name change/correct guidelines, provided that the flight booking should be within validity. Furthermore-

1- Legal Name Change 

Before modifying the name on your flight ticket, you must keep a copy of the legal document.

  • A divorce decree, marriage certificate, or legal affidavit.
  • Contact Aeromexico customer service to process the name change/correction.
  • Passengers may have to pay the additional name change fee with the applicable fare difference as per the Aeromexico Airline name change policy.
  • Aeromexico doesn’t charge a fee for this kind of name change, but if the fees, taxes, or airline surcharges change on the flight ticket since you booked the ticket, the airlines will take the additional fees at this time. You must provide the supporting identity for verification.

2 – Correct Typo Error 

If your name has one or two wrong letters, you will be able to board the flight without any problem. Moreover-

  • In most cases, Aeromexico permits passengers to continue their journey without booking a new flight ticket.
  • If your name has a major mistake or is unrecognizable, you must call the Aeromexico customer service. You must submit the request about 24 hours before the departure.
  • If the airline considers changing a name on the flight ticket a ticket modification, passengers may have to pay the airline’s change penalty and the applicable fare difference.

3 – Change or Edit the Title/First/Middle Name

The airline won’t stop you from boarding the flight if:

  • The first name contains one incorrect letter.
  • Passengers can change the abbreviated middle name.
  • The initial and the middle names are together in the initial name field.

Remember, if your name has three or more incorrect letters, you must correct the official website or customer service. In such a situation, the airline will consider changing the name to be a ticket alteration, and you should pay the Aeromexico name change penalty with the applicable fare difference.

Inverted Name 

If the order of your first and last name has been swapped, Aeromexico will change it. However, the passenger should pay the name change fee. Also:

  • You should request a name correction about three hours before the departure.
  • The airline will modify your name in the PNR.
  • You don’t need to have the waiver code to approve the changes.
  • A change penalty with fare difference will apply to the reissued flight ticket.

What is the Aeromexico Name Change Fee?

According to the Aeromexico name change/correction policy, the name change request is subject to penalty and, at times, fare difference. The name change cost differs online through customer service and the airport.

Changes/Correction Online ($) Customer Service ($) Airport ($) 
Name Correction 150 200 Restricted
Name Change 200 200 Restricted
Legal Name Change 200 and fare difference 250 and fare difference Restricted
Typo Error in Last Name 200 and fare difference 250 with fare difference Restricted
Typo Error in First Name/Middle Name/Title  200 with fare difference 250 with fare difference Restricted
Inverted Name 150 150 200

Final Verdict 

The Aeromexico name change policy helps passengers request the name change/correction via the official website. Remember, the name change request is subject to fees. Contact Aeromexico customer service for further information on the name change policy and the latest fees. Moreover, you can dial +1-800-865-1848 to get your problem fixed by an expert.

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