Maximizing Your Online Presence: The Power of SEO Content Writing Services and SEO Writing Services

Most webmasters are familiar with the term SEO, which stands for search engine optimization. Most also know that SEO can increase website traffic. But what is it about SEO that can increase traffic? And how does it work? An SEO content writer is someone who writes with these questions in mind. Specifically, they write to make a site more user and Google-friendly. An SEO content writer knows that in most cases, excessive use of jargon will inhibit the understanding of a website’s content and may take away from the interest of the user. An SEO content writer also knows that overusing keywords can get a site blacklisted by a search engine.

There are many things that go into a user-friendly website. It should not have broken links, and it should not make excessive use of flash or other things that may become an inconvenience to those with slow internet connections. But realistically, not everyone knows what a user-friendly site constitutes. This is where hiring an SEO content writer comes into play.

The web has revolutionized the flow of information in modern society. More and more people are turning to the internet to seek information, and in these times, being the manager of an offline business no longer guarantees success. The internet has opened vast new markets and opportunities for business-to-business, customer-to-business, customer-to-customer, and information-seekers markets. Whether you are working for a company that markets its products online or offline, you have to market to your target audience. And the best way to do it in the post-Google era is to make your business website user and Google-friendly.

Benefits of SEO Content Writing Services

Increase Website Traffic

With an article, the probability of going viral is much higher than with an advertisement. An article can increase the brand’s awareness by offering the user some value, such as a how-to or informational guide related to the product. The user will likely remember the brand if they found the information useful.

60% of users find brands through article content opposed to an advertisement. An effective article can generate massive amounts of traffic to the targeted landing page by being on the first page of a major search engine. A skilled copywriter will produce his best work in the form of an article. This is where a company can start saving money on the SEO campaign. Instead of investing in pay-per-click marketing, an article can be distributed to many social media networks and bookmarking services that can potentially generate hundreds of backlinks to the website.

SEO content writing services can help a company build up their ranking over time using a natural keyword strategy that will put the website’s landing pages on the first page of the search engine, effectively creating more value for the user. Ideally, a user will visit your website for information before considering a purchase; this is where a call to action might be useful, but it will not be as effective if the user does not yet trust the brand.

Organic SEO is crucial to increasing online sales, in addition to building the brand’s reputation. For many, this means reinvesting into the company to buy advertisements and pay-per-click marketing with major search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Often times, this is effective, but as soon as the funding is cut, so is the traffic. Additionally, many users do not trust sponsored ads and would rather click on the organic results.

Improve Search Engine Rankings

Search engine rankings represent the prominence of your site among popular search engines, on which trillions of searches are made each year. Roughly 90% of all web traffic is directed by search engines. Consequently, a great search engine ranking will undoubtedly lead to increased traffic. Nearly 40% of searchers only click on the top search result. That being said, the first website retrieved is 12 times more likely to be clicked on than the website 10 results pages later. Essentially, being on the first results page will yield increased traffic. This increased traffic will bring in new customers who have not heard of your product or service, and potentially increase sales. An established brand can protect its market position during a time of decreased consumer spending by continuing to increase its share of search results. Steps your business places in motion right now can continue to provide a return well after the economy has recovered. An increased prominence on search engines can also enhance brand awareness and consumer perception. Seeing a product or service appear in the top search results builds strong faith in the brand. It is widely assumed that the first search result is also the best, so being displayed in that highly coveted number one spot can greatly enhance brand image.

Enhance User Experience

An SEO consultant or, in our case, an SEO content writer can analyze the user behavior on the site and initiate changes to sections which are causing a higher exit rate or a lower rate of visitation.

A function of SEO involves increasing the usability of a website, whether it’s a complete site overhaul to make it more friendly for search engines and users or implementing a refinement to the existing site. Before implementing SEO changes, determine what the primary objectives are within the business and a way that the website can assist in achieving these. Modifying a website to meet these objectives will often result in a more satisfied experience for the user.

We encountered a client who was receiving a fair amount of traffic; however, they were disgusted with the amount of sales through the website. An analysis of the user behavior and the sales process revealed that the purchasing process was too complicated and thus customers were turned away. In this instance, gaining traffic wasn’t a problem, but visitors weren’t enticed into becoming customers.

Part of the success in attaining sales or inquiries through a website involves getting the visitor to come back. If you have a blog post about a specific cupcake recipe and there’s a lady who’s looking for this recipe and she comes across your site and finds it, she’s more likely to return if she had trouble finding the recipe on the other site or she felt that the recipe wasn’t sufficient.

When it comes to user experience, it’s fair to say that someone who’s looking for a website revamp might be doing so in order to increase the overall profitability of the site. This can be determined by the amount of calls/emails they get through the site asking to purchase A, B or C. A good user experience, which entices a user to take an action such as buying something or contacting yourself to inquire about your services, features a formula which includes easy navigation, clear and decisive call to actions, trust in the professionalism, etc.

Key Elements of Effective SEO Writing Services

SEO writing services are in their relative infancy. There always seems to be a debate as to what the “best” way to optimize is, and in many cases, this is just a trick to discuss different methods of spam. There is no substitute for high-quality writing. Make no mistake, though – there is a difference between content that’s simply there to sell and content that is informative and sells. An experienced SEO copywriter will strike a balance between the two and produce content that is informative to read. In the online world, content is still king, and it’s quality written content that provides the best form of search engine help.

The success of an SEO content writing campaign and your website as a whole hinges on the effectiveness of the writing. Essentially, it is the writing that will persuade prospects to take on your services. All the optimization in the world will not make up for uninspiring or poorly written copy. It’s quite possible to write tremendous, scintillating copy that’s also very keyword-rich and hence, search engine-friendly. The key is finding a skilled SEO content writer.

Keyword Research and Optimization

Keyword optimization is the process of editing and analyzing web content with the goal of improving the content’s relevance for specific keywords. Usually, this involves the following process.

Keyword research aims to discover the words and phrases that people will enter into search engines with the aim of discovering sites that are solving their problem or answering their question. The next stage is to use these words and phrases to build the foundations of a website in the site architecture and content. The end result is a qualified stream of traffic from search engines. A visitor can be considered qualified when they have arrived at a site after having used a search engine to enter a specific keyword.

Keyword research and optimization is a fundamental part of any search engine optimization campaign. A campaign can either be a one-page site or tens of thousands of interlinked pages. Defining the scope of the campaign and the strategic direction requires an in-depth understanding of the subject matter. The subject matter can be the products or services sold on the site, or it could be a niche area in which the campaign is attempting to gain visibility. A clear understanding of the target audience is also required. These are the people you are trying to attract to the site. These searchers have a problem or question that they need answering.

High-Quality and Engaging Content

The fact that Google wants to be the best search engine is good news for businesses that need to advertise. It means that Google is always looking to improve its search engine and make changes that will improve the searching experience. These changes can relate to the way that search engine results are displayed and the information that is given to the user about the results that are returned. Google has a great deal of experience in using changes like these to improve user experience and providing businesses ways to take advantage of this. One example is the introduction of the site links feature. This feature was a result of a need to improve navigation to important information on a website and provide more useful information about website content to the user. This was a great way for businesses to get deeper into their websites, highlighting specific content in search by creating a list of links shown below the site’s snippet. This small change had a big effect on the model of search. In mid-2008, Google used this same principle in a new way to improve search results for navigational queries. This was the introduction of the navigational UI for brand queries. Now, simply entering a brand name in search would bring up a search results page for that brand. This may not sound like a big change, but it was one that would provide a better experience for users doing brand queries. With brand queries so common, it was a great opportunity for businesses to promote their brand content in search engine results. This was a chance that businesses may not have noticed without internet marketing and being familiar with SEO, they missed trying to take advantage of.

Google is a business and it needs to keep its customers happy. Google’s customers are the people who use its search engine to find information. Google makes its money from advertising, so its job is to ensure that people who use its search engine have a great experience. The more people who have a great experience, the more people will return to use it. Google has lots of competitors that would love to take its customers. In fact, some of Google’s competitors pay people to use the search engines and keep diaries of their experiences to find out what makes Google’s search engine better. Google’s response to this is a simple one: it doesn’t just want to be better than other search engines, it wants to be the best. This puts a great deal of pressure on Google. Every change made to its search engine needs to be tested and shown to improve the searching experience. This testing requires Google to look at how users interact with a web page and how this relates to whether they find what they are looking for. This feedback can be quite indirect. An engineer once described it to me as reading tea leaves. One way to find out if changes to its search engine are actually an improvement is to run experiments on a small number of users. Google has run thousands of search experiments, and it carefully studies what effect the changes have had on the users and the search results they have clicked on.

Proper Formatting and Structure

Understanding proper formatting and structure is another key element to effective SEO writing services. This is especially true for anyone who is writing for the web. There may be more latitude in the print world for creative and artistic prose, but in SEO writing, the bottom line is that if you are not getting your content spidered and indexed by major search engines, your traffic will be limited. This is because search engines bring most websites the majority of their traffic, and a site without traffic might as well not even be online. When you consider that most search engine traffic goes to the first result listed, it becomes clear that high rankings are crucial. The rest of this article will provide some insight into how to create organized, well-structured content that will lead to better search engine rankings. Proper formatting and structure really boil down to common sense, but knowing the theory behind these practices can be useful. Heading and subheadings are the most important aspect of any content formatting.

Internal and External Linking

Search engines do most of their categorizing through the use of links that tie one page to another and one site to another. You may have encountered situations where you click a link on a search results page and the link is broken or the page no longer exists. This is referred to as a dead link. When a search engine encounters a dead link, it will hit a dead end and stop. This is why search engines must have a path or series of links to properly index your site. Sometimes a search engine may index a page that is buried deep within your site. If this page is very far from the index page, it may not have a high Page Rank. Linking to this page with your index page will make the search engine index this page in fewer steps, increasing its possibility of a high page rank. In summary, link the content that you want to have a high page rank as close to the index page as possible and use as few links as possible. An internal linking structure is by far the easiest to manipulate and have a great impact on your site’s PR. Periodically check the status of external links to ensure they are still active. If you were to make changes with a page’s location or name, be sure to update all links to the page to avoid the visitor encountering a 404 page.

Choosing the Right SEO Writing Services Provider

Although it can be quite a time-consuming task, the first step to take is to do a bit of research into various SEO writing services. It is important to have a clear view of what type of work the company will be doing for the price. Be careful when looking for someone to do off-page optimization. Many SEO providers are seeking to take shortcuts by generating spam content and building links on “bad” link neighborhoods. Often times, this is done at the expense of your content by using duplicate content and spun articles. Be sure that your provider is focusing on quality over quantity, as this will be more beneficial in the long run. A concrete way to verify if your content is being done correctly is to request a sample of the writing for the purpose of checking for proper keywords and quality.

Choosing the right SEO writing services provider can truly make or break the success of an online campaign. With a phenomenal increase in the importance of search engine rankings, it has become vital to find an SEO services provider that is both reputable as well as experienced in the industry. A common pitfall is for a company to take the first provider that comes along. By knowing some essential information about what the SEO writing services provider should be doing, and knowing why certain decisions are made, they can greatly eliminate the risk of wasted resources with low-quality work.

Reputation and Experience

If a company has a great reputation with former or current clients and is repeatedly recommended as a search engine optimization service provider, they will be the obvious choice in the quest for SEO services. What higher proof is needed that their service is worthwhile? A large endorsement for a good service can go a long way, though recommendations and word of mouth can commonly be applied to the business’s experience in the field. This is not to say that new companies are not advisable, although they have not withstood the test of time and/or have had distinguished success. A quick case in point is a company providing SEO services forming their business and promoting their service to help boost search engine rankings. It is likely that you would use the search engines to discover them. Knowing that their service can be effective in this instance will give you confidence that the service is great for your specific needs.

Another aspect to consider is the level of account management that can be provided. A more expensive service is likely to provide a dedicated account manager who will be more proactive in suggesting improvements or methods of increasing ROI.

One of the main aspects to consider before acquiring a service is the cost matched against the results. Many companies will have a range of prices for their services. It is essential to understand how one company can offer their service for $100 while another company can offer a similar service for $1000. It is important to set a budget for these services. By understanding the cost of services, you can look to see if acquiring these services will have a positive return on investment. A company investing in a good or service is expected to get more in return than the original investment; this is known as ROI or return on investment. By understanding the price of the service and the potential ROI, you can make a more informed decision.

Customization and Flexibility

Customization and flexibility are very important parameters when you are thinking to select SEO content writing services. Flexibility is the capability to tailor matters. This is significant as the site of any client may differ based on the target audience. It might also try to reflect modifications or variety in the business policy. In all cases, it is not sensible to say that a level of SEO marketing is appropriate for all sites, even within the same organization. For example, what is perfect for a small car is not generally the best for a luxury 4×4. Prices and sales margins can also differ significantly between the two types of cars. A flexible tailor at writing may include correlation sessions with clients to help identify the greater details of their company, followed by a joint effort to plan the most efficient way to convey the company’s message. This will probably lead to a variety of drafts of the site text, with the SEO content writing services team assessing each one to see which they believe is most efficient. Usually, a small part of the text will be the subject of A/B testing to compare the efficacy of the optimized text. Upon reaching a conclusion, the SEO content writing service provider will finalize the project. Tailoring can also involve the altering of precise SEO techniques to bring about improvement. Step back and look at what a company is really trying to achieve and their end goal. If a company is always seeking short-term financial success, there is no sense in always trying to bring a certain product to the forefront. In this case, it may be most efficient to use SEO content writing to emphasize the promotion of the product and generate quick cash flow, with the knowledge that effort can be let up and the product can be brought forward at a later date.

Reporting and Analytics

Traffic analysis can be a more effective method of reporting, as increased traffic to a site is probably the main aim of almost all SEO projects. The SEO provider should have the ability to analyze increases in traffic from search engines and organic traffic as a whole. The client will need to be informed of which traffic increases are a result of SEO activity. It is likely the client will have his own methods of tracking traffic, so evidence such as referring URLs of links can be effective to demonstrate improvement. A great way of providing clear evidence of improvement for small business owners can be tracking an increase in inquiries or sales made through the website.

Rank tracking is probably the most widely used method of reporting, and there are a variety of rank tracking software which provide reports. These reports can be effective if the client understands the keywords being tracked and why it is important to track these keywords. It is important to track a small number of important keywords for the business, as SERPs can change and ranking fluctuations can occur on a daily basis. If the keyword is important, the client may get concerned if a keyword drops a few places, so it is great to have evidence of improvement in rankings.

Reporting can be an important component of SEO projects; providing evidence of progress to the client can be a great way to demonstrate ROI. Because the nature of SEO is often qualitative, data is as important as statistics. There are various methods of reporting which are dependent on the nature of the SEO project.

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