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Both you and your baby will find weaning to be an exciting time. You may be excited to start or you may feel a little overwhelmed by all the available information. We’ve made it our mission to make weaning enjoyable because we are parents who created a variety of weaning products when our energetic (and occasionally finicky!) children were young.

We built a weaning guide based on our own experiences as well as utilising professional weaning guidance from the NHS, child nutritionists, and brilliant cooks since we all want our children to be confident, happy eaters. Weaning is an experience, after all!

As part of the Tum Tum Tots Coupon baby weaning system, the TUM TUM Dippy Face plate and Tippy Up Sippy Cup.

Knowing when to wean children

It is advised to begin weaning your infant at six months of age. This is because up until this age, your baby receives all the nutrients and energy he or she needs from breastmilk or formula. Giving your infant anything other than milk before this time may be rather dangerous because by the time they are six months old, their digestive systems will have evolved to be able to handle solid foods.

Your infant will probably mimic your chewing motions and put objects in their mouths as a way of communicating to you that they are eager to start. Even if your baby is not displaying these early indicators, it is still ideal to begin around six months since that is when some newborns make it extremely evident.

Weaning techniques: Baby-led weaning and conventional weaning

You’re now prepared to begin…What do you do first, though?

Understanding the various weaning methods, such as Baby-Led Weaning (BLW) and traditional weaning (purees), is an excellent place to start. The primary distinction is that BLW allows infants to feed themselves and starts them out with finger foods like cooked carrot sticks that are whole foods.

Image source: Friendly First Foods

From the beginning, you can enjoy introducing your infant to a variety of foods, but there are several items to stay away from:

beneath 12 months


Added salt and sugar (see our guide for simple strategies to encourage your child to consume less sugar for more information)

Either raw or barely cooked eggs

less than 5 years

Steamed shellfish

Large seeds, whole or chopped nuts, or both

Swordfish, marlin, or shark

Before serving, it’s also crucial to remove the hard pips and stones from fruit and the bones from meat or fish. It’s also advised to break up little round items like grapes and cherry tomatoes.

Given that certain kids are prone to allergies, it is best to introduce the following foods one at a time, starting at six months old and in tiny amounts:-

  • Seeds & Nuts
  • Cereals comprising wheat and other gluten sources;
  • Eggs
  • Shellfish and Fish; Cow’s Milk

Contact your doctor or a health visitor for guidance if your infant experiences any side effects, such as a rash, swelling, itching, vomiting, or diarrhea.

What supplies are required to begin weaning?

You’ll need a highchair in the first place, and there are many different types available. Weaning is dirty, so our best advice is to get one with as few pieces as possible that is simple to clean. A notable example is the highchair from Ikea, the Antilop.

A must-have is a weaning plate with a cute design that is also strong and useful. Our TUM TUM Eco Dippy Face Plate has steeper edges so that babies can gradually learn to scoop up their food more easily using the side of the plate and dippy pot ears for dips like hummus or yoghurt.

Additionally, this plate has a strong suction base that comes in handy when newborns discover how entertaining it is to drop their plate on the floor and watch you sweep it up!

Speaking of mess, allow us to introduce you to the clever creation known as the Tidy Tot. This handy bib and tray combo completely covers the baby and closes the space between them and the highchair so that no food spills over the baby’s lap. The tray is excellent for BLW since it keeps food within the infant’s easy grasp.

A quality set of weaning spoons is very useful. With a tiny and large spoon on each end, our Double Ended Swapsie Spoons eliminate the issue of babies switching to the handle end as they become more independent.

There are also some fantastic innovations for traditional weaning, such as the Itsy Blitz, the first portable baby food blender, and the Fill n Squeeze pouch system, which purees food for on-the-go pouches.

And at last, a nice cup. There are numerous varieties of cups. We’ve discovered that a sippy cup with a weighted straw is an excellent choice because the weight follows the liquid in any direction the cup is held, allowing for free-flowing liquid.

Having pleasure while eating

Weaning doesn’t have to be dull! In fact, you can have even more fun creating imaginative culinary platters for your toddler as they become older.

Creations by All About Kids and Little Human Big Foodie on TUM TUM Eco Cloud Dining Set

Growing vegetables and fruits is a great way to get little ones involved and interested in what’s on their plate, and you’re more likely to get them to try new things if they’ve seen it grow!

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